White Gloves Beagles
White Gloves Beagles  

Meet a few of the White Gloves boys . . . 

           GCHS Shoreview's Dark N Dreamy                                                     "Dexter"                                                        13" NBC Beagle of the Year 2016

CH Foxfield N Shoreview's Over The Rainbow x GCH Encore's Rerun of Roirdan

Co-owned with Patricia Flynn, Carol Herr and Bruce Tague

         Int'l CH, GCH White Gloves Spout Run                                                  "Spout"

Milroc Heaven's Jewel x GCHS Shoreview's Dark N' Dreamy

Co-owned with Patricia Flynn & Sara Lee's Beagles

  GCH White Gloves Shamokin' Hot At StoneMeadow                                      "Asher"

CH Sara Lee's Pack Uptown Funk x Int' CH GCH White Gloves Spout Run

Co-owned with Mary Cummings and Patricia Flynn

      CH K-Run White Gloves Secret of My Success                                        CA, BCAT                                                                          "Fox"

CH K-Run Windkist Let Freedom Ring x CH K-Run LegacyK Everybody Talks

Co-owned with Patricia Flynn

   CH White Gloves By The Light of The Moon Badru                                      "Tucker"

Milroc White Gloves Heaven's Jewel x CH K-Run White Gloves Secret of My Success

Owned by Laura FitzRandolph

                    White Gloves Rome Calling                                                           "Tivoli"

Milroc White Gloves Heaven's Jewel x White Gloves Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn

Co-owned with Patricia Flynn

Look for Tivoli in the rings in the Spring of 2020 with Rachel Lucas

                    White Gloves Ursa Major                                                              "Bear"

BISS GCH White Gloves Daughter Of The Stars x BISS GCH Red Americana Kempinski at Argyle

Co-owned with Rachel Lucas

Look for Bear to be in the rings in the summer of 2020

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White Gloves Beagles

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